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Bellingen Accommodation Web Ring
site is operated by Peter Mitchell.

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This webring is designed to link accommodation providers in the Bellingen Shire. A web ring is an ingenious way of sharing search engine traffic. It works like this. A group of web site owners decide they want to create a web ring. They are joined by a series of links at the bottom of each of their sites's homepage. By clicking on a "previous", "next" or "random" button a person "surfing" the ring can visit a collection of like web sites, in this case, those of accommodation providers in the Bellingen Shire.

If you have a web site advertising accommodation in the Bellingen Shire you can add it to this web ring for a one-off payment of $30. This fee covers the cost of creating & maintaining the ring, maintaining this web site and either forwarding the HTML code required to your web developer or accessing your homepage to add the web ring information and upload it to your web server.

This web ring was created and is administered by Peter Mitchell, the physical home of this web ring is Dynamic Web Solutions.

Add Your Site to the Ring
Click here and look for the "Join This Ring" button on the right. Note that you need to create a Web Ring User ID to participate in a web ring. Your request will be sent to the Administrator for acceptance on the ring. The administrator will add queued sites to the web ring every few days.
List All Sites
Click here to see a complete listing of sites already on the ring.

The Rules
There are a few guidelines to follow if you would like to join the Bellingen Accommodation web ring:

  1. Members of the ring must have the correct navigation bar on their homepage. I will be checking.
  2. The Shire currently has two accommodation collectives. This ring includes everyone regardless of their current affiliations.
  3. Your accommodation must be a full-time going concern i.e. not available part-time.
  4. It may take 2-3 days before you are added to the ring. Please be patient.
  5. As administrator of the ring I have the right to remove any page not following the rules.
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