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I work as a freelance wildlife photographer specializing in flying foxes.  I started to get “serious” about photography more than forty years ago, and began photographing flying foxes in 1986.   Some of this work has been used by The Australian Museum, Government wildlife services in various states, magazines in countries such as Japan, Germany and USA as well as Australia, in newspapers, by individual scientists and in art exhibitions.

Vivien Jones, Photographer and Flying Fox Enthusiast

One of the most enjoyable branches of my work is using photography as part of systematic study of flying fox behaviour.  With photography individual animals can be positively identified and so their behaviour can be monitored.  Detailed information has been gained from this, some of it surprising in light of earlier beliefs.

Living close to the Bellingen Island Flying fox camp, I can usually hear flying fox voices and can watch them streaming home in the morning without getting out of bed.  It is convenient for me to visit the island at any time to enjoy the variety of flying fox activities as they change with the seasons and with times of day.  The Island is also a  rich environment of plants and other animals.  Birds are spectacular there on spring mornings.

graz and camera

I use Canon digital cameras and an array of lenses.  My favourite is 100-400mm with image stabiliser.  I prefer to work without a tripod.  Frequently I use fill flash to show flying fox faces that are so often in shadow, though I prefer to keep to natural light.


Flying Fox Face

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Personal, about Vivien Jones

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